Company Use of Twitter Is Significantly Increasing

Below are excerpts from a recent article on Small Business Trends. See the full article for more information.

When you launch a business, you invest in a branding package – the logo, website, cards, marketing materials, create a sales strategy and a marketing plan. In addition, it’s really smart and important to join some local and national professional organizations and blend your online and in person worlds.

Twitter is about attracting the right followers. Followers who have a commonality, mutuality and are active with each other. Smaller more homogeneous, engaged tribes are more effective with Twitter.

Considering how many social networking and marketing choices have emerged and died off the past five years, Twitter is still serious, strong, vibrant and relevant.

The Pew Report on Marketing Charts reports:

  • The percentage using the site on a typical day doubled according to the May 2012 report.
  • African-Americans, youth over-index in usage.
  • Youth show most rapid growth demonstrated by 18-24 year-olds.
  • Smartphone users are more likely to tweet.

So, how do we convert the “I just don’t get Twitter” and “I don’t have time for it” folks into to users and believers? 

Here are 8 great ways to use Twitter to build brand, reach and  engagement:

  1. Link to great information that aligns you with the industry you represent.
  2. Promote your blog posts, video, podcasts, email marketing.
  3. Meet key people in your industry and connect them to others in your tribe.
  4. Promote key people in your networks.
  5. Retweet information that shows your support of others and that gets you noticed.
  6. Use Twitter #Hashtags to niche specific target topics, people, industries and conversations.
  7. Use Twitter to show your fun side and personality.
  8. Use Twitter to create immediacy and urgency.

Check out 100 ways to use Twitter for job search and 16 creative ways to use Twitter for business.  If you are already using Twitter and need a boost, consider a Twitter facelift or learn from others with 137 Twitter tips for small business (PDF) and 7 terrific twitter tips to use today.

Nike has it right when they say “Just do it” and Harley Davidson too, when it says, “Screw it, let’s ride.”

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